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Blue Wedgwood Jasperware

Blue Wedgwood Jasperware is arguably the most common type. While it may not be as dramatic as the black or green it is still a popular choice. There are trays and bowls and many other items that come in the blue color. Most of the Blue Wedgwood Jasperware is pale blue on white.
Blue Wedgwood Jasperware

Some of the most beautiful pieces are the small teacups. Because they are a smaller item, the detailing is especially lovely. Wedgwood also makes many different blue serving trays. There are small or large serving trays that feature the white on pale blue.

There are also bright blue items in the Jasperware collection. There are pitchers and other jugs that come in a cobalt color. If you are lucky you can also find blue jasperware jewelry. Pendants were popular and are now a nice antique piece.

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