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Black Wedgwood Jasperware

The Black Wedgwood Jasperware is very striking. Most items feature white on black. Wedgwood has designed beautiful clocks. The White on black Wedgwood Jasperware Grecian Clock is elegant. It makes a beautiful decoration as well as a lovely way to tell time.
Black Wedgwood Jasperware

Another lovely item from Wedgwood is the Flower Fluted Vase. This piece isn't for the person who likes dainty decorations. The Jasperware is thick and richly colored. The white on the black is eye catching and intricate.

If you want a small piece of Jasperware you can invest in the White on Black Oval Picture frame. The white is decorating the outside of this classic picture frame.

There are also many black antique items that Wedgwood has designed over the years. There are small jars and boxes to add to your antique collection.

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